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Champion Bowland

Hurst Green Church Goes Wild

The Church Goes Wild project at St John's church in Hurst Green has bought a moth trap with funds from Champion Bowland.


Church Goes Wild is a programme of events to educate and enthuse people, especially young families, about the natural world. It is run as part of St John's Eco-Congregation award activities.

Following on from a very successful moth hunt in 2014 the group decided to buy their own moth trap and loan it out to families to trap moths in a variety of habitats - from village garden to fellside garden and a plantsman's garden. Over 20 species were recorded in the first 6 trapping nights using the new equipment, which includes a trap - a big box with a light in it! - plus loupes (magnifying glasses) and identification books. The group hope to go on to trap and record lots of interesting moths in the coming months and years.