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Bowland HayTime project

Over the last three years the Bowland HayTime project  has been restoring wildflower meadows in the AONB. On a number of occasions visitors and businesses have donated funds totalling £280 to the project, and these have been looked after by Champion Bowland. 

This year the AONB's sustainable development fund has supported a new project run by Ribblesdale Rotary which is working with 5 primary schools to get them more involved in their local environment. Children will be gathering seed and growing plug plants for the meadows, and visiting the farms where they are cared for during the year. In order to make this project really effective the HayTime funds held by Champion Bowland have been used to purchase compost and pots for the schools to use. HayTime project officer, Sarah Robinson said "I am delighted that these funds, given by Bowland Festival goers and local businesses, have been put to such good use in the project. It will be fantastic to see so many young people learning about and enjoying our beautiful meadows in Bowland."

Plug plants ready for planting out at the Inn at Whitewell meadow