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Champion Bowland provides small grants of up to £750 to support environment, heritage and engagement projects within the Forest of Bowland National Landscape.
A reminder of our Charitable Purposes: 
  1. To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of the Forest of Bowland National Landscape. 
  2. To advance the education of the public in the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment. 

Projects can apply for up to a maximum of £750 (This includes VAT if the organisation is not VAT registered)

Up to 100% grant funding may be available for suitable projects although in this case applicants will be expected to contribute in-kind towards project delivery. 
Projects applying to the fund must achieve at least 3 of the following objectives to the satisfaction of the grants panel, the trustees of Champion Bowland: 

  • Provide information for visitors about the Forest of Bowland special qualities and facilities in the area 
  • Improve access for all sectors of the community 
  • Maintain the landscape and access to it to improve visitor enjoyment  
  • Improve and promote the built and cultural heritage of the area
  • Improve the appearance of tourism, heritage and community facilities 
  • Demonstrate commitment to the project by way of providing match funding, maintenance, in-kind contributions or your own fundraising  

If you would like further advice to decide if your project is eligible, or if you need help in completing the form, please contact  smallgrants@championbowland or telephone the National Landscape team on 01200 448000 

Application form (pdf)  

Application form (doc)  

Guidance notes ( pdf)

Privacy Statement (pdf)

Completed application forms should be sent to: Champion Bowland, c/o Kettledrum, Root Hill Estate Yard, Dunsop Bridge, Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 3AY 

Who can apply? 

Public, private, voluntary sector, individuals, businesses or community groups can apply. Individuals or businesses can only be beneficiaries where the project shows a clear benefit to the wider community or visitors to the Forest of Bowland National Landscape.

All projects must be carried out within the Forest of Bowland National Landscape itself or bring clear benefits to the National Landscape if located within a 2 kilometre buffer zone around the statutory designated area.    Click here to view a map. 

How will applications be assessed? 

Applications will be processed by the National Landscape team and assessed by the Trustees who may take advice from representatives from a range of organisations which work within or are involved in work carried out in the Forest of Bowland. This may include County and District Council Officers working in the Forest of Bowland National Landscape The Environment Agency, The Wildlife Trust and other relevant bodies where appropriate.

The Fund aims to give a decision on an application within 4 weeks. The assessment will also take into account cost-effectiveness and value for money.  

Payment Process 

Payment will be made upon production of a brief final report, proof of expenditure in the form of invoices, and photographs of the completed project 

All projects will be monitored prior to final payment 

Payments are usually paid in arrears. However if there are circumstances that require funding to be paid in advance then please contact us and we will discuss the options which may be available.

Farm Visit Transport Fund

Champion Bowland also administers the Forest of Bowland National Landscape Farm Visit Transport Fund.

This is a fund designed to help with the cost of bringing school parties and other groups to visit designated working farms in the National Landscape for educational value. 50% of transport costs up to a maximum of £100 per visit is available.

To find out more and download an application form, please go to