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Volunteer Viv Barclay making her first hive inspection.
Volunteer Viv Barclay making her first hive inspection.

Busy Buzzy Bees

Thousands of newcomers to Bentham are settling in nicely, thanks to a £750 Champion Bowland grant - plus £250 from the local Riverside Caravan Park and a £175 donation from an Ilkley resident.

The new arrivals are black bees brought to Bentham by Mat Young of Enable Disability who has set up Bentham Buzzy Bees. They and their queen bee are living in woodland and already exploring the area.

Local people have raised money buying packs of wildflower seeds for planting to attract bees that fly three to six miles for pollen.

Mat, along with volunteers, is learning beekeeping skills to be shared with community and disabled groups. The plan is to build up to 29 hives.

Mat said: “We have so much appreciated Champion Bowland’s support in getting our project started.”